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Facility Management
Power House details
HVAC details
No. of Entrance
No. of Lifts
No. of Escalators
No. of Toilets
Electrical load
Capacity of existing Captive Power Plant (KW / MW)


Make / Model
Fuel being used
Presently serviced by Self  O & M  Others
a) Year of Instalation
b) No. of Hours run since installation
Plant operated & Maintained by Self  O & M  Others
a) Last major overhaul date
b) No. of  Hours run since last major overhaul
Performance level
a) Do you have any engine / prime mover / boiler equipments performing below the expected capacity Yes
b) Any known deficiency/defects for under performance of the equipment
c) Details of such equipment(s)
Nature of Service / support required from Bulman



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